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About Bokstavskakel

Bokstavskakel comes in an elegant box containing 44 tile decorations - the whole alphabet, and extra characters.

Bokstavskakel are printed on an adhesive vinyl that can withstand moisture and draws well. The Decoration is adapted to standard tile (15 x 15 cm) and has black text and white background. Bokstavskakel attaches to any smooth surfaces.


Clean the tiles thoroughly with water and detergent, wet the tiles, remove the paper and attach. After 24 hrs the decoration is attached properly.

NOTE! Decor is stuck and can not move around. However, it is easy to remove.

What's the cost of Bokstavskakel?

The box will cost 325 SEK in the store or 249 SEK if you order directly from us here on the web (shipping applies).

Single letters

If you need additional letters or do not want to buy the whole box, you can order single letters here. Single-letter costs 15 SEK / letter.

Created by

We who created the Bokstavskakel are Gustav Frykholm and Magnus Björn